Wednesday, 22 April 2015


From the Christian tradition that applies on the one hand - as extreme - a self-sacrificing and other benefits bestowing attitude (agape). This kind of love is focused on the needs of others and seek what is best for the other. In that case, the love leaves the other free choice to answer that love or not. This kind of love requires sacrifice and hard work for those who aspire to it. However, for the few people who have completely renounced their selfishness is this love a living source that does not require more effort but it is obvious and natural.
The broader definition of love is unconditional love (Metta). She is the kind of love that the other person's full unconditional creates space and freedom to be themselves.
Love example, a special kind of attraction to be a person or object. It is a feeling or emotion. In the strongest form gives people the impression that without the object of their love can no longer continue in life, the impression that they are psychologically dependent on his presence.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

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